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10 important and interesting graphic design facts for you

10 important and interesting graphic design facts for you


Graphic designing is an artistic field where designers present an informational context in artistic form by using typography, photography, and illustration elements in their designs. Designing is a very important part of society and we can get evidence of this from history. Many monuments and architecture are beautifully built, proving that humans are visual animals. Influencing people visually helps in gaining more advantages for anyone.


A single design can express a 1000 word worth of content. This efficiency of graphic design made this a popular method for businesses to introduce it into their strategy. There is a huge importance of custom graphic designs in business growth as most of the business has turned online. The content created online usually comprises of text, images, and videos, sometimes a mix of everything.


What is Graphic Design?

Graphic Design is a process of visually communicating with your audience. In this process, a designer uses different elements of designing like typography, color, illustration, and photography to express a concept. Using graphic design you can enhance the visibility of the content. Graphic design has a big application in daily life as well as for business processes.


Facts about Graphic Designs

The following are important and interesting graphic design facts for you-


#1 History of logo Design can be dated back to the 13th century

The beginning of the logo design can be dated back to the 13th century, and the credit goes to Egyptians. Egyptians use animal images and symbols to express what they want to say. Some of the symbols are also used to express Gods in the images, which is the basic concept of a logo.


#2 Incorporating the Golden ration format in your designs makes it 99–100% more beautiful

It is surprising to know that nature is full of a Golden ratio. From a flower to a tree, every beautiful image follows a golden ratio format which makes nature beautiful. Using the golden ratio in your design can make your design attractive to your eyes.

“Do you know most of the famous celebrity faces use the golden face ratio format?”


#3 Graphic Designer salary ranges from $32.4K to $78.2K per year

The average salary of a professional graphic designer is from $32.4K to $78.2K per year. The salary can even go higher if the designers have a good experience.


#4 You do not need to be qualified for being a Graphic designer

A graphic designer does not necessarily need to go to college to get qualified. You just need to have a good portfolio and designing skills. You can learn graphic design skills using Udemy, Lynda or Unacademy.


#5 The term ‘Graphic Design’ was first coined by William Addison Dwiggins in 1922

William Addison Dwiggins in his print “New Kind of Printing Calls for New Design” mentioned the term graphic design which was published in 1922.

#6 Best Marketing Element and essential for business for growth

One of the best marketing elements for growth is graphic design. A business knows the importance of custom graphic designs in helping them get more business.


#7 Best opportunity for freelancing

You can get many freelancing opportunities for providing Graphic design services.


#8 The U.S Declaration of Independence was printed using the font Carlson

The U.S Declaration of Independence using the font Carlson. It is the only font available for use at that time. So, you can find multiple books of that time with the same typeface.


#9 The first watermark dated back to 1282

Watermarks were first introduced in Fabriano, Italy, in 1282.


#10 Photoshop the most popular graphic design platform, was launched in February 1987

One of the most popular graphic design software was first launched in February 1987. It was originally launched in 1988 by Thomas and John Knoll. Since then it has evolved into so many versions and become an industry standard.





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