Media Production

Media Production

Media production means the making of a motion picture, television show, video, commercial, Internet video, or other viewable programming provided to viewers via a movie theater or transmitted through broadcast radio wave, cable, satellite, wireless, or Internet.

BossBee staffs a full crew of videographers with extensive experience producing, directing, scriptwriting, shooting, and editing video content. Our team is also supported by a network of freelance on-screen and off-screen talent. We use the best cameras, audio equipment, and post-production resources in the industry to produce high-quality videos that help you achieve your business goals.

When you work with our creative video production team, you get:

  • Seasoned scriptwriters.
  • Voiceover.
  • Experienced on-and off-camera interviewers.
  • In-studio production options via BossBee’s very own studio.
  • A travel-ready camera operator, video crew, and a team of video editors.
  • Post-production services-for footage, we’ve shot or raw footage you already have.
  • A video animation team that can create 2D and 3D animations, motion graphics, and animated logos, and assist with post-production editing.
    Seamless client collaboration through dedicated project management.

Contact Us

Call: +94 718 925 808

We’re a full-service digital marketing and video production agency. Any equipment or talent we don’t have immediate access to, we source for you. Tell us what you need – on-location camera crew, post-production assistance, animated videos, directorial assistance, scripts – and leave the rest to us.

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