01.External Marketing Executive

Part-time commission based

BossBee is a marketing agency associated with Magixhouse, works globally at different levels to provide marketing and IT solutions. This job opening is for individuals who like to earn a part-time-based extra income by working alone. The job position is an external one that works as commission-based. The selected individuals receive a job cut (a defined percentage of share by BossBee) from each associated job after its first successful payment by the client. Mostly, the job will be ideal for school leavers and part-time work seekers. While continuing with BossBee, talented, trustworthy, and smart individuals will be considered for receiving a higher share by time-to-time according to their performance.


  • Find available business opportunities in Creative Designs/Digital Marketing and Web hosting solutions. and report them to BossBee.
  • Be the BossBee representer to initiate the client-to-BossBee process.


  • Should be at least 18 years of age.
  • Interested experienced individuals or freshers are welcome.
  • Marketing and sales experience is an added advantage.
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